Talks, Interviews and Articles in the European Languages

Interview with Leopoldo Brizuela and Oliverio Cohelo, La Nacion, Buenos Aires, March 1, 2008 - on the publication of A True Novel's Spanish translation. Revised April 11, 2014, PDF.

“Why I Write What I Write,” revised, PDF, International Writing Program, Iowa University, 2003, in English.

“On Translation,” revised, PDF, panel at the Iowa City Public Library, International Writing Program, Iowa University, 2003, in English.

“Modern Japanese Literature: Dual Temporalities” (”La litterature moderne japonaise: deux temps,” revised, PDF). Originally published in Le Temps des oeuvres/ Memoire et prefiguration, sous la direction de Jacques Neefs, Presses Universitaires de Vincennes, 2001, in French.

“Authoring Shishosetsu from left to right,” revised, PDF. Originally published in The New Historicism and Japanese Literary Studies, edited by Eiji Sekine, Proceedings of the Midwest Association for Japanese Literary Studies, Vol. 4, The University of Michigan, 1998, in English.

“Finishing the Unfinished Soseki,” revised, PDF, Cornell University, 1989, in English.

“Renunciation,” PDF, The Lesson of Paul de Man, edited by P. Brooks, S. Felman, and J. S. Miller, Yale French Studies, No. 69, Yale University Press, 1985, in English.