Selected Articles in English

“Resisting Woman - Reading Soseki’s Gubijinso,” revised, PDF. Originally published in Studies in Modern Japanese Literature - Essays and Translations in Honor of Edwin McClellan, edited by Dennis Washburn and Alan Tansman, The University of Michigan, 1997, in English.

“Renunciation,” PDF, The Lesson of Paul de Man, edited by P. Brooks, S. Felman, and J. S. Miller, Yale French Studies, No. 69, Yale University Press, 1985, in English.

Selected Articles in Japanese

“Is It Too late? Visiting South Korea for the First Time” (”Mou Ososugi masuka? Hajimete no Kankoku Ryoko,” PDF), Shincho, Vol.102, No.1, Shinchosha, 2005, in Japanese.

“The Turn in the Work of Tanizaki Jun’ichiro - A Study of The Portrait of Shunkin” (”Tanizaki Jun’ichiro no Tenkanki - Shunkin Sho wo Megutte,” PDF), Nihon Kindai Bungaku, Vol. 68, 2003, in Japanese.

“What Does a Woman Want?” (”Onna wa Nani wo Nozonde Irunoka,” PDF), Afterward to a Paperback Japanese Translation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Kawade Shobo, 1996, in Japanese.

“The ‘Poverty’ of India and the ‘Wealth’ of Japan” (”Indo no ‘Mazushisa’ to Nihon no ‘Yutakasa’,” PDF), Gunzo, Vol. 51, No. 7, 1996, in Japanese.

“Man and Man, Man and Woman - the Death of Fujio” (”Otoko to Otoko, Otoko to Onna - Fujio no Shi,” PDF), Hihyo Kukan, Vol. 6, 1992, in Japanese.

“Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage - on Natsume Soseki’s Kojin” (”Miai ka Ren’ai ka - Natsume Soseki Kojin Ron,” PDF), Hihyo Kukan, Vol.1 & 2, 1991, in Japanese.